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 Travel should be easy and fun, but getting ready for a trip or a move abroad can be difficult even at the best of times.
Check out the below guides for some of my best travel advice & resources — so you’ll be prepared no matter where you go.

Travelling on a Budget

Solo Travel & Backpacking

Culture &
Language Learning

Preparing for a Trip

Living Abroad

Travel Safety

Flights & Layovers

Becoming a Digital Nomad

LGBTQ2IA+ Travel

About Global Gabe

As a globetrotter who has visited nearly 45 countries and lived in 5, I have plenty of experience with stepping outside of my comfort zone to visit and live in new and unfamiliar places.

Naturally, because of this, my friends and family often reach out to me for advice when it comes to travel and living abroad, and I’ve noticed the same questions and topics tend to come up repeatedly.

That’s why I decided to create this travel blog: to share pro travel tips, guides, and other resources that can be accessed at any time by anyone — including you.

Allow me to inspire you and help you get prepared for your next adventure.

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